Florida Construction Law Firms Can Help Clients Who Have Issues With Construction Compnies

Having a new home or commercial building constructed is a project that will stress out most people. But, ideally, the contractor will finish the project on time and close to the budget. The construction quality will be good and the new owner can move into the home or commercial building and be satisfied with the construction and their new building. When this is not the case, building owners need help to get the contractors to repair defects and complete the job as the contract specifies. A Construction Law firm such as the robertson firm has the construction law knowledge and experience to understand various issues and to successfully arbitrate, mediate, or litigate construction issues for their clients. Contractors may do their job with skill and honor, then have trouble collecting the payment from the customer and need legal help.

Which Construction Disputes Can Be Litigated?

Some of the construction-related disputes that construction law firms can represent their clients on include:

Small and large construction defects and punch lists

Contractor abandonment

Insurance claim problems and bond claims

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Construction delays

Financial mismanagement by the contractor

Construction liens

Contract disputes

Payment and collection

Who Are The Clients?

Construction law firms have both customers and contractors as clients. Disputes concerning construction can have either the client or the contractor as the wronged party. The important issue is getting the claims and disputes managed in a timely fashion. Clients who seek help with construction issues can include individual homeowners, business owners, and local, state, or federal entities who have had construction work done. The litigation may need to be litigated in private and public sectors. Construction law cases may be litigated in state and federal courts. Contractors, suppliers, subcontractors, tradesmen, and sureties can be clients in construction disputes.

It may be useful to engage a construction law firm in st augustine fl to look at the construction contract before it is signed. A flawed contract can limit the client’s recourse in construction disputes. Changes can be requested so that the contract is fair to the client and the contractor. The law firm will now be familiar with the project if there are construction disputes when the project is completed. It is worth the cost of hiring a law firm to get the best results possible in a construction dispute where thousands of dollars are at stake. Hiring a law firm that is well-versed in the field of construction law could mean a better outcome. These lawyers have studied construction law extensively and have the experience in this field of law that is needed. For more information, please visit the website.